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Engaged employees are effective employees. Our platform encourages users to engage with your documentation—guaranteeing you a constant stream of rich data and insightful feedback. 

 work instruction data capture

Easy Data Entry

What if your work instructions were designed to collect key data as your end users followed each step? Dozuki enables engineers to report specific measurements, answer prompts, and verify peer reviews—just by following the instructions. 

  • Receive on-site data from all of your users
  • Don’t hunt for past data in a trail of paperwork
  • Essential information is streamed to your account

Consistent Feedback

Feedback is an important part of refining and improving your documentation. Dozuki allows end users to provide detailed feedback. They can ask key clarifying questions, note unwanted inconsistencies, and make valuable suggestions. 

  • Empower employees—and help them take ownership of the process
  • Allow end users to benefit from an interactive documentation system
  • Be assured that your procedures are as efficient as they can be
 documentation work instructions collaboration

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Collaborate with Your End Users

Utilize an advanced feature of the Dozuki app by allowing your end users to contribute directly onto documentations. Give them authorization to make edits and revisions or even suggest alternative methods to any number of procedures.   

  • Tap into the collective knowledge of those with hands-on experience
  • Give specific end users permission to interact with documentation
  • Leverage the insights of end users and approve all publication changes