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Fortune 500 Food & Beverage

Connected Worker: World Class Training

"The Dozuki connected worker solution is on track to save millions of dollars on just one of our production lines this year. It's a game changer." —Plant Manager

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Fortune 100 Construction Equipment

Connected Worker: Digitizing Processes

A purpose-built document control and access system for manufacturing operations. Accessing content directly from the production floor with a quick QR code scan and control updates with custom approval workflows.
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Dozuki helped us fix a culture of information that was not current or standard across sites.

Operational Technology Engineer 3M

Dozuki is amazing. The approval workflows and document control are second to none. We use it to control all of our documentation.

Jason S. Green Bay Packaging

There is no better software to document and train production operators in a standard and repeatable way. They focus on the operator experience.

Jacob R. Process Technology Specialist

Reducing Employee Turnover Rate By 50%

Despite industry-leading low turnover, veteran workforce nearing retirement prompted proactive hiring for expansion and better onboarding. To prepare for the tsunami of oncoming retirement, proactive hiring became a top priority to shore up their workforce. To accommodate new hires, a strategy was devised to instill day one confidence and ensure their long term retention.

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Enterprise Grade Digital Training

"A half percent increase in productivity gets us tens of millions of dollars of savings across facilities. —Operational Technology Engineer

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Easy to use. Everyone from engineering to assemblers to supply chain can benefit from Dozuki.

Ryan C. Industrial Engineer, Captiveaire

I've been here for 20 years, and Dozuki has fundamentally changed not only how we train employees but also how we work together.

Fortune 1000 Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Dozuki offers not only a great product but a great service. Our support team from Dozuki is phenomenal. The ability for operators to give feedback on processes has been priceless.

Nick J. Continuous Improvement Manager
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Building Trust in Standards

"Dozuki allows operators to relieve some of their anxiety where they wonder 'Am I doing my job correctly?' 'Did I remember to do everything?' This motivated members to adopt Dozuki because they can now rely on the processes rather than tribal knowledge." —Taylor Harlin, Learning & Development Change Coach

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We were able to give a new employee with zero manufacturing experience a Dozuki work instruction. He performed a complex changeover without issue in just 90 minutes, this used to take 3 hours before Dozuki in place. The confidence it gave him was amazing.

Training Coordinator Fortune 500 Food Processing Company

We have to spend less money on training a new employee and see better overall quality of the products we make.

Amanda J.

Dozuki is so versatile that we can place any training in the platform using multi-media methods. The best aspect of Dozuki is its ease of use.

Shaun H. Continuous Improvement Coordinator
Boom Supersonic

Breaking Barriers in Efficiency

“After comparing Dozuki to other options, it became a clear choice. The system is so intuitive and easy to kick off. The simple page design lets people catch on pretty quick ... just like navigating to a website.” —Ryan Bocook, Lead Manufacturing Engineer

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