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How to Train the Next Generation of Manufacturers

Strategies for recruiting and training the new manufacturing workforce.

How to Make Better Work Instructions

The ultimate guide for optimizing and digitizing your work instructions and standard operating procedures.

Implementing a Continuous Improvement and Lean Culture

We'll walk you through the process of adopting continuous improvement at your organization.

Solving the Skills Gap on the Factory Floor

This guide breaks down the skills gap and teaches you how to address each aspect on the production floor.

Technical Writing Handbook

Learn how to create everything from work instructions to user manuals with these best practices.

The Future Of Quality Management

Learn how to leverage the intersection of people, processes, and technology to break down silos of ownership and improve quality.

The Modern Guide to Standard Work

Understand challenges, overcome complications, and outline a path for implementing a winning Standard Work methodology.

Preparing For ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Learn how to achieve certification in a timely manner with helpful step-by-step advice.

Industrial Tablet Recommendations

A comprehensive resource for rolling out a fleet of industrial tablets for manufacturing environments.

Work Instruction and SOP Templates

This free template collection includes: Excel, Word, PDF and Google Sheets templates for you to use.

Dozuki How-to: Dynamic Lists

Learn how to use dynamic lists to display and organize your content on your Dozuki site.

Dozuki How-to: Media Management

An in-depth look at how to properly manage media files on your Dozuki site.

Dozuki How-to: QR Codes

Implement QR codes to let users locate the latest guides, content, and even start a work order with a simple scan from their work tablet.

Dozuki How-to: User Management

Learn how to manage users by grouping based on departments, roles, or shifts. Properly leveraging these tools will allow for faster training and improved information control.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification with Dover

Learn how Dover used Dozuki to successfully achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification in under one year.

Lean Product Development with Goodyear

An inside look at how Goodyear successfully implemented lean principles, overcame obstacles, and transitioned to lean development cycles.

Solutions for the Shifting Industrial Workforce with 3M

Learn how the digital tools can help reduce the downstream effects of retiring workers, shorter job tenures, and widening skills gaps in manufacturing.

The Future of Skills Management with Kahuna

See how a skills-centric approach to job training will improve your operational strategy and create a more agile and competitive workforce.

The Lean Journey with Gemba Academy

This 3-part series guides viewers on how to understand problems, implement countermeasures, and collaborate with process owners.

Training Within Industry 101 with TWI Institute

See how TWI methodology can be applied to your workforce by presenting instructions to users in clear, concise and memorable ways to better train teams.

5S The Launchpad To Lean Thinking

Understand the fundamentals of Lean thinking: sort, shine, straighten, standardize, and sustain. These core concepts can help you adopt Lean methodology in your operations.

ISO Crash Course

Essential ISO information on everything from standardization processes, critical terminology, and more.

Why You Need a People-First Connected Worker Strategy

Connected Worker projects fail because they don’t incorporate the most impacted part of operations — your people. This webinar highlights strategies and tactics to bring a people-first mindset to your implementation.

Create the Frontline of the Future

Dozuki has spent a decade helping industrial businesses develop and scale connected worker solutions. This ebook is a manufacturing curriculum for teams seeking to improve their operations.

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