Dozuki Makes it Easy to Standardize Work, Train and Cross-Train, Execute Work, Run Quality Checks, Troubleshoot Issues, Do Big Things

Quickly capture expert knowledge, launch connected work instructions, and upskill your workforce — we are your partner in operational excellence.

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The leading platform for manufacturing workforce transformation
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Workforce Training

Managing 100% seasonal workforce turnover


Work Instructions

Preventing scrap waste due to incorrect work instructions


Process Efficiency

Remotely reducing process authoring time

Standard work instructions

Capture Knowledge

Our intuitive knowledge capture tools allow experienced employees to share their wisdom and experience quickly, directly from the shop floor.

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continuous improvement

Improve Communication

Set your workforce up for success with real-time process updates based on insights from the shop floor and real-time data.

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"After comparing Dozuki to other options, it became a clear choice. The system is so intuitive and easy to kick-off... just like navigating to a website."

Lead Manufacturing Engineer
Boom Supersonic


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workforce training

Upskill Quickly

Our training modules turn documented procedures into a training program for standardizing employee instruction across teams, shifts, and locations.

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quality management

Enforce Standards

Centralized document control and automatic tracking of revision history helps reinforce quality standards and reduce waste.

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Supporting the Manufacturing Workforce

Dozuki Co-Founder, Brian Sallee, talks with manufacturing leaders in this new podcast. There is lots to learn from all levels of operations, give it a listen.

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