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Who We Are

Dozuki is the visual, online documentation platform for innovative companies. Whether you need to write step-by-step Electronic Work Instructions, overhaul existing Training Manuals, or update Product Support Guides, Dozuki offers the perfect solution. 

For years, companies have relied on outmoded documentation programs, like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, that were never meant to produce instructions, guides, or manuals.The result: messy, unprotected, and unprofitable documentation. 

Our platform isn't like traditional documentation programs. It's designed with a robust, interactive architecture that hosts a variety of features. And these features have met the unique needs of companies, big and small, from all over the world. Looking to collect essential data in real-time? Test out our Data Capture feature. Want to leverage insight from your most experienced employees? Take a look at our feedback options. Need instructions so clear that even your ESL end-users understand them at a glance? Use our quick and easy Multilingual Support.

We believe that great documentation contributes to the success of a company. Done right, it consistently improves a company's efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. It should look clean, read clearly, and be responsive. With Dozuki, you'll put your documentation to work for you.  

Our Origins 

Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, Dozuki began as the internal software for its parent company, iFixit—the online repair manual for everything. CEO Kyle Wiens and CXO Luke Soules founded iFixit in 2003. Since then, iFixit has grown to over 10,000 beautiful repair manuals on everything from electronics, to clothing, to cars.

Because iFixit repair manuals are used by millions all over the world, from professionals to amateurs, the company needed an innovative documentation platform. It needed to offer a clear, standardized format. It needed to be intuitive to a wide variety of people. And it needed to be engaging enough to empower even the most novice of users. But no such application existed. 

The iFixit developers did what they do best—and built one themselves. They tested dozens of formats and different approaches. But time and again, one method consistently proved best: concise text instructions paired with clear visuals.


Over the years, iFixit perfected the software—and realized that other companies had been searching for a documentation solution too. In 2011, Dozuki launched for companies like yours. 

The Right Fit

It's important that your documentation is the right fit for your company. Because when it isn't, it won't be helpful and it certainly won't be used. We know your company has specific needs. Whether it's proprietary security concerns, remote employees who have unreliable internet connections, or ISO goals—our team has the solution you've been looking for. 

Want to know how? Explore our feature list—it's diverse. Request a demo—it won't take long. Talk to our account managers—they've helped companies from all industries.

You have the knowledge. We provide the platform. 

Great software, like great community, is a continual work in progress. And an absolute joy to make.
— Kyle Wiens, Dozuki Chief Architect and iFixit Co-founder