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We build software that empowers companies to improve the people, the performance, and the productivity of their workforce.


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Who We Are

We build software that helps companies implement a continuous improvement culture to improve their people, their processes, and their communication.

Dozuki is a visual, cloud-based documentation platform for innovative companies. Need to write digital work instructions? Overhaul training programs? No matter your documentation goals, Dozuki can help.

For years, companies have relied on outdated programs—like Word or Excel—that were never meant to produce instructions, guides, or training. The result: messy, unprotected, and unprofitable documentation.


"Dozuki is training for the YouTube generation."

Eric Doster, CEO, Dozuki


Collect essential data in real-time. Leverage insight from your most experienced employees. Have instructions so clear that even your ESL end-users understand them at a glance. Translate across locations with built-in translations. And so much more.

We believe that great work instructions are the foundation to manufacturing excellence. They are the critical to your company's success. And with Dozuki, success is what you’ll get.


Our Origins

Dozuki began as the internal software for its parent company, iFixit—the online repair manual for everything. Founded in 2003 by California Polytechnic State University alumni Kyle Wiens and Luke Soules, iFixit searched for an innovative documentation platform to teach the world how to repair their electronics. The platform needed to have a clear, standardized format. It needed to be intuitive to a wide variety of people. And it needed to be engaging enough to empower even the most novice of users. No such application existed.

So the iFixit team did what they do best—and built one themselves. They tested dozens of formats and different approaches. But time and again, one method consistently proved best: concise text instructions paired with clear visuals.

Over the years, iFixit perfected the software—and realized that other companies were searching for a documentation solution too. In 2011, Dozuki became available to companies like yours.


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Trust and Security

  • Who owns the data I put on my Dozuki site?

    You do. Dozuki has no ownership over your site’s content.
  • Will Dozuki access my private content?

    Only if you specifically ask us to—or for rare debugging purposes. We’ll ask you every time.
  • How secure is my content?

    Very. With Dozuki, your proprietary content is highly secure. Our platform has been battle tested by countless IT security specialists and millions of users around the world.

    We offer advanced security features—like Single Sign-On, IP Whitelisting capabilities that restrict user access by location, and our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with industry-standard 256-bit encryption.


Upgrade Your Procedures and Training With Dozuki

Put essential information in the hands of your workers, across shifts, locations, and teams.


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