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Built for Food and Beverage

Standardize Training

Rapidly deploy training programs across your entire workforce, using only-approved standards.

Track Training Records

Gain instant visibility into the current skill set of your workforce.

Reduce Operator Error

Phase-out mistakes passed along through job shadowing and outdated training documents.

Easy Access to Documentation

Deliver essential information directly to frontline workers—fast.

Fast Authoring

Our intuitive authoring interface is specifically designed for creating procedures.

Capture Quality Data

Collect data directly within procedures to capture critical batch information.


"To get the information people need, right where the work is being done is so impactful for us. Dozuki has been a game changer."


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easily Deliver training to workers

Keep Operators on the Floor

Previous systems require days long processes to built and deliver essential training updates.

With Dozuki, our customers can build training curriculum in minutes and then deliver it to frontline workers immediately.

Stop pulling operators offer the floor for training updates and start delivering it right where the work is done.

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Communicate Information Clearly

Reduce Changeover Time

Changeover procedures shared in generic, text-heavy printouts are hard to comprehend. 

In Dozuki, procedures are displayed in clear, step-by-step guides and include required tools and parts to accomplish the job. 

Customers report nearly 75% reduction in changeover times after switching to Dozuki.

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Capture Essential data

Integrate Quality Checks

Gather information from frontline workers directly within procedures and training materials.

Data can then be easily connected to other systems using the robust Dozuki API.

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Built for Food & Beverage Regulatory Requirements



SQI Audits


control revision processes 

Scalable Corrective Actions

FDA-mandated records for corrective actions with paper documents is a huge headache. 

Approval processes in Dozuki instantly notify those who need to approve versions, and then instantly release updates and restrict previous versions.

This allows corrective actions to take place quickly, giving FDA auditors one click access to required records and confirmations.

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Essential Information where it matters

Easy to Access

Stop chasing down outdated, wet or damaged paper documents.

Dozuki puts information directly in the hands of your operators. This gives your operators confidence they deserve by providing the knowledge and training they need to do their job well.

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