Continuous Improvement

Purpose-built process improvement software to generate results fast and build a lean culture.


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Standardize Procedures

Break down silos of knowledge and empower employees to access documentation where work happens.

Easily distribute and scale standards across teams, shifts, or facilities. 

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Automatic Re-Training

Trigger training assignments as your standards change or time lapses.

Transfer Know-How

Surface the tribal knowledge of your experts directly from your procedures.

Build Curriculum

Combine groups of work instructions into a structured training program.


Train to Standards

Communicate approved standards instantly and distribute procedures as training curriculum.

Track employee progress and monitor competency levels by departments, roles, or shifts.

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The Modern Guide to Standard Work


"Standard work allows employees to get it right, even on a bad day."

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Director, 3M Corporation


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Reinforce Essential Information

Ensure employees are following documented standards and require retraining when procedures are updated.

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Easy to Access

Built in search allows users to find important information quickly.


Keep workers ready to flex or fill-in on the fly.

React Faster

When absences occur, identify replacement workers based on competency and training completion.


On-the-Floor Feedback 

Quickly capture insights from your experts on the front-line.

Allow workers to provide suggestions for process improvements from directly within any step of a work instruction.

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Gather Feedback

Capture insights directly from those that do the work.

Get Buy-In

Empower operators to engage with improvement efforts.

Capture Expert Knowledge

Surface the tribal knowledge of your experts directly from your procedures.

"The system is so intuitive and easy to kick-off… just like navigating to a website."

Lead Manufacturing Engineer, Boom Supersonic


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Distribute Improvements Fast

Quickly improve standards by distributing updates instantly to frontline workers.

Dozuki enables your standards to be active documents that evolve with your business goals.

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Turn Insight Into Action

Use evidence-based decision making to drive improvements by collecting production data and employee feedback.

Customizable dashboards allow you to easily identify areas for improvement and demonstrate cost savings.

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Reduce Rework

Get updated information out quickly to address errors.

Increase Efficiency

Unlock insights from your frontline workers to improve processes.

A Culture of Improvement

Easy adoption makes frontline workers feel empowered to offer improvement insights.

Build a Continuous Improvement Culture With Dozuki

Unlock the potential of your workforce with a communication tool designed for lean operations.


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