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Focus on Efficiency

Dozuki is used by hundreds of industrial companies around the world.

Work Instructions

Transform your documented procedures into dynamic standards everyone can follow.

Workforce Training

Build scalable training curriculum based on approved standards to upskill employees quickly.

Continuous Improvement

Surface opportunities to optimize your operations and distribute updates instantly to teams.

Quality Management

Enforce quality standards through better documentation and communication.

ISO Certification

Get one step closer to standardization goals.

Data Collection

View information in real-time to resolve issues quickly and follow efficiency gains.


"After comparing Dozuki to other options, it became a clear choice. The system is so intuitive and easy to kick-off... just like navigating to a website."

Lead Manufacturing Engineer
Boom Supersonic


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Intuitive Authoring

build faster


Dozuki makes creating work instructions and procedures simple. Upload photos and videos, add markups, and write instructions in half the time.


Document Control

  • Version Control

    Control the information users can access, sending new updates instantly and archiving old ones.

  • Approval Workflows

    Customizable workflows support single sign-off or multiple authorizations. Edits to existing approvals processes automatically sync to all documents linked to that process.

  • Revision History

    A complete history of edits, both approved and denied.

  • Instant Distribution

    Update in one place and display everywhere. Approved revisions are instantly reflected everywhere—including PDFs and mobile apps.

  • Sitewide Search

    Quickly access information across your site using our built-in search functionality. 

Data and Reporting

  • Real-time Dashboards

    Stream live production and quality data in customizable dashboards.

  • API Integrations

    Sync with your existing MES, ERP, LMS, and business analytics systems.

  • Digital Forms

    Insert prompts within processes to gather data on timing, quality issues, training, signoffs, and more.

  • Data Exports

    Secure downloads your procedures and data for deep analysis and record keeping.

Controlled Distribution

Share approved standards


Keep your company on the same page. Once a process is approved, sharing across teams, shifts, and locations is just one click away. Old versions are archived for future audits or reporting.



  • Instant Notifications

    Receive customized email and on-site alerts when action is required or changes have been made to processes.

  • Site Announcements

    Send a notification to everyone that views the site, visible across the top of everybody’s screen.

  • Answers Forum

    Increase collaboration and knowledge sharing between users with our built-in Q&A engine where users to ask and answer questions to one another.

  • Training Modules

    Build standardized curriculum based on approved standards in order to track and confirm workforce training.


  • Curriculum

    Turn work instructions into standardized curriculum, ensuring workers are trained to the latest standard all the time.

  • Automated Assignment

    Automatically re-train workers when standards change or they switch teams.
  • Competency Tracking

    Gain instant visibility into who is trained to the latest version of any documented standard. Eliminate reliance on inefficient training matrixes.

Consistent Training

Bridge Knowledge Gaps


Turn your documented procedures into a training program for standardizing employee instruction across teams, shifts, and locations. Automate the assignment and gain instant visibility into the current competency of your workers.


Additional Features

Our comprehensive suite of features is built as a secure service to drive productivity and scalability.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Log into your company intranet to sign in instantly and securely.

Bill of Materials

Specific call-outs for parts and tools required for each procedure.

Prerequisite Tasks

Require users to complete a related process, helpful in creating training curriculum.

Multimedia Support

Photos and videos can be edited with built-in markup tools.

API Integrations

Connect with other systems to scale operations and increase efficiency.

Language Support

Over 80 languages and built-in translation tools make it easy to localize content.

Revision History

A complete history of content edits, both approved and denied.

Training Modules

Build curriculum based on approved standards to track and confirm workforce training.

Migration Services

Our team can convert your existing documentation.

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Local Hosting

Host your Dozuki instance on your own internal servers.

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Mobile Apps

Keep the look and feel of your brand with custom iOS or Android apps.

Custom CSS

Modify the CSS and HTML style of your Dozuki site.

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