Document Control

Purpose built for the creation, distribution and versioning of procedures on the factory floor.


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Versioning Control

Take full oversight of past, current, and future release versions of your documented procedures.

Leverage major/minor versions and custom numbering schemes to meet even the most complex versioning requirements.

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Version Types

When publishing changes, leverage major or minor version types to automatically use different approval processes.

Future Releases

Schedule approved document updates for release in the future, to account for training, certification or other business needs.

Custom Auto-Numbering

Synchronize our version numbering with your existing or historic logs automatically, for audit trail adherence.


Granular Access Control

Provision permissions at the individual or team level to tighten or extend access across your entire organization.

Ensure only authorized employees have the ability to view, edit, or approve your standards.

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Purpose Built for Industrial Companies


"We needed something that was web-based and easier for industrial engineers to use. When we found Dozuki, it checked all of the boxes."

Industrial Engineer, Husqvarna


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Version History

Rest easy knowing every change to your documented standard is logged and saved for audit trail and compliance purposes.

View previous versions, unpublished drafts and the current standard for every procedure from a single dashboard.

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Audit Ready

Instantly view any historic document release version with complete visibility into changes, authors and timestamps.


Rollback to previous versions of your procedures for any reason, from a simple document history review interface.

Archive Versions

Automatically archive every document revision to easily reference what has changed at any point in time.


Approval Workflows

Ensure stakeholders are involved in reviewing and approving changes to your standard before they are published.

Customizable workflows give you absolute control over which employees and/or teams are part of your approval process.

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Version Archives

Automatically archive previous versions of your documented procedures when new releases are published.

Easily revisit archived releases and rollback to prior versions as needed.

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Improve Your Work Instructions Today


"Work instructions don’t just standardize work, they also prevent accidents. Give your team members all the information they need to stay safe."


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Distribute Updates Instantly

Upon approval, the latest standard is instantly updated across your entire workforce. Never worry about employees working from outdated procedures again.

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ISO Compliant

Maintain ISO 9001 certification with a fully compliant document management solution.

Give ISO auditors visibility into your documentation archives, including full version histories.

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Common Use Cases


Preventive Maintenance


Quality Inspection


Lock Out Tag Out


Shipping & Packaging


Production Assembly

Corrective Maintenance Procedure

Corrective Maintenance


Sanitation & Cleaning


Equipment Changeover


Software Instructions

Control Your Documents With Dozuki

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