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Inspiring conversations from the leading experts and innovators in manufacturing. Featuring guests from 3M, General Mills, Forbes, Amazon, and more.

Meet Your Hosts

Brian Sallee

Brian Sallee, Co-Founder of Dozuki, has spent over a decade working with manufacturers from innovative startups like Tesla, to established and sophisticated manufacturers like 3M.

With a large and diverse network, Brian gives a voice to the real people that power the industry.


Michael Muilenburg

Fan favorite Michael Muilenburg joins us to bring his 35+ years of experience from 3M as an operational leader. His specialty is researching and piloting cutting edge operational technologies to drive improvements in stability, capability, availability, flow, and pull. These days, he’s still active in manufacturing (co-hosting this podcast!) and thinks it’s the most exciting time in the industry he’s seen in his three decade tenure.

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