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Voices of Manufacturing Podcast from Dozuki



From boardrooms to the shop floor, the manufacturing industry is full of experts with unique and untapped insights. It's time to give them a voice.


Join Dozuki Co-Founder, Brian Sallee, as he hosts inspiring conversations with industry professionals.

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A new voice for manufacturing

From Fortune 500 to Local Machine Shops

"The broad swath of manufacturing is almost inconvievable. It's an incredibly varried industry."

Jim Vinoski
Manufacturing Specialist, Forbes



A New Voice for Manufacturing

Brian Sallee, Co-Founder of Dozuki, has spent over a decade working with manufacturers from innovative startups, like Tesla, to established and sophisticated manufacturers, like 3M.

With a large and diverse network, Brian will give a voice to the real people behind this fascinating industry. Join us, as we dive deep with industry specialists and thought leaders.

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"An incredibly large and diverse network."

















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In the second episode of The Voices of Manufacturing, Brian talks with Chad Hertlein, a Training Specialist from General Mills.

Chad believes that an investment in the people behind your manufacturing business is the most impactful way that you can improve production. By adapting your training programs to meet the needs of the current generations, you will create a happier and more productive workforce.