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Quality Management

The human approach to quality through increased accessibility, intuitive control, and better communication.


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Increase Accessibility & Control

Frontline workers can access documented procedures in any work environment.

Control access by roles, departments or shifts, and ensure workers only view the latest approved standards.

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Mobile Access

Frontline workers can access information from the floor on a tablet or smartphone.

Intuitive Search

Easily find information relevant to your role with a robust search tool.

QR Codes

Quickly pull up procedures by scanning QR codes attached to machines or workstations.


Reinforce Updated Standards

As standards are changed or training becomes out of date, alerts are sent to users to require re-training.

This ensures that employees are always trained to the current, approved standards.

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The Future of Quality Management 


"85% of quality issues are caused by worker errors."

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Stress-Free Compliance

Easily achieve and maintain compliance with full traceability and automated approval workflows.

Built-in digital forms and data reporting makes performing internal or external audits fast.

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ISO Compliance

We've helped hundreds of companies achieve and maintain ISO certifications.

OSHA Training

Put safety first by training and enforcing essential safety procedures.

FDA Process Validation

Provide evidence that processes are accessible and controlled.

"Dozuki gave us the ability to implement effective quality management systems compliant with ISO 9001 standards."

Training and Process Improvement Specialist, Automation Plastics
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Train to Your Standards

Turn controlled procedures directly into curriculum — removing broken silos of existing training.

Standardize instruction across teams, shifts, and locations at the click of a button.

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1:1 Amplified

Transform 1 on 1 expert training into your standardized curriculum.


Keep workers ready to flex or fill-in on the fly.

Track Training History

Share training verification with auditors, down to the documented version they were trained against.

Learn How Dozuki Can Help You Manage and Improve Quality

Reduce quality costs through visual procedures, better training, and streamlined communication.


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