The Modern Guide To Standard Work

This Standard Work guide helps manufacturers find success in Industry 4.0 by updating it to fit your company's digital transformation strategy. With it, you can understand challenges, overcome complications, and outline a path for implementing a winning Standard Work methodology.

“Standard Work allows employees to
get it right, even on a bad day.”
Dr. Rebecca Morlando
Manufacturing & Supply Chain Director
3M Corporation



Standard Work ensures that work is done the best way possible — every time.


At its core, it consists of recording a process, effectively communicating that process, and then using that record as a basis for continuous improvement. Given the simplicity, it’s fair to ask, “does something so basic need an update?” This is a common thread we hear at Dozuki, as some would argue that there’s no need to change a simple formula.


People think, “Standard Work still works, right?”


Yet despite its deceptive simplicity, few companies are successfully implementing Standard Work, and the tools and methods that they’re using to practice it aren’t working. Having a standardized system for process improvement can increase efficiency, reduce variation, improve training, and create a lean culture. After over 60 years without an update, now is the time to reevaluate how the methodology is applied in the digital age of Industry 4.0.



In this Standard Work guide you will learn:

  • How Standard Work is traditionally implemented
  • How digital transformation strategies can impact Standard Work initiatives
  • Ways to increase both leadership and employee buy-in
  • Why 66% of companies fail in their implementation of Standard Work
  • How digital tools can help your organization