On-Demand Webinar

Manage Workforce Training with Dozuki

An extensive walkthrough of how the Dozuki platform helps companies manage and automate workforce training with our newest feature — Courses.

  • Automate the assignment and management of training
  • Alleviate common training program challenges
  • Reinforce worker knowledge with ongoing training
  • Create training directly from approved standards
  • Standardize training across teams, shifts, and locations

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Featured Speakers


Brian Sallee

Co-Founder and VP of Sales, Dozuki

Brian is an expert in the fields of standard work and process improvement software. He has worked with hundreds of companies to help them improve their procedures, train employees to standards, gather and analyze data, and employ continuous improvement principles.


Lucas Bishop

Product Marketing, Dozuki

Lucas provides focus and clarity to readers regarding the Dozuki product and solution set. He is deeply knowledgeable about the challenges manufacturers and their employees are facing as the industry continues to evolve, thanks in part to interviews, site visits, and extensive industry research.