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Courses empowers you to turn your documented procedures into a training program for standardizing employee instruction across teams, shifts, and locations. Automate the assignment of training curriculum and gain instant visibility into the current competency of your workers.


Finally bridge the gap between continuous improvement and employee knowledge.

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Learn how Courses can turn your standard work instructions into a standardized training program:

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Standardize your curriculum

Turn work instructions into curriculum, ensuring workers are trained to the latest documented standard company-wide.
  • Leverage documented standards for onboarding, re-training, and cross-training
  • Reduce job shadowing while still transferring knowledge from experienced to new workers 
  • Empower workers to train on the floor and in the field

Track worker competency

Gain instant visibility into who is trained to the latest version of any documented standard. 
  • Track employee training with real-time dashboards
  • Eliminate reliance on inefficient training matrixes
  • Integrate questions within training to verify comprehension
  • Rapidly respond to skill gaps

Automate training assignment

Enable assignment of training curriculum when standards are revised, time lapses, or roles change.
  • Automatically re-train workers when standards change for safety and compliance
  • Support long-term employee development with refresher lessons and regular updates
  • Easily build training programs for facilities, lines, machines, etc., and transition workers into programs as needed

Photos, videos, and pdf files can integrate directly into training curriculum and be annotated in-line


Manage drafts, archive, and roll-back versions, with complete visibility into changes and authors


Verify training with customizable self, supervisor, and team sign-off procedures

ISO Compliance

Share with auditors, maintain records, set standards, and demonstrate training verification

Team Scaling

Easily scale training programs across facilities, lines, shifts, or any team-based group


Sync with your existing LMS, MES, ERP, and business analytics systems using our robust API

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