Guide: How-to Make Better Work Instructions

A 16 point guide for optimizing your work instructions and standard operating procedures

Are you growing frustrated using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to create and manage your company’s work instructions, SOPs, and training documents? You’re not alone. Tens of thousands of other manufacturing professionals have benefited from updating clunky documents and versioning systems—we’re here to show you how.



This free guide includes how-to:

Create instructions and standard operating procedures that users will comprehend

Implement systems to better update outdated versions

Reduce the time it takes to distribute new versions

Incorporate with existing ERP systems

Utilize photos and videos

...and more

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The Four Pillars of  Process Knowledge


The Guide to Better Work Instructions will help you improve how you document process knowledge, training materials, and more. Documentation can take many forms, but these universal lessons can help you with documenting any type of process knowledge. That said, there are four main types of instructional content to be aware of:

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs are written processes that describe in detail how to perform a work task specific to your operations. Documenting standards properly allows businesses to comply with regulatory and quality standards, train more effectively, and enable a culture of continuous improvement.



Traditional Work Instructions

Work instructions provide the same benefits of standard operating procedures, but give more detail to the worker in order to instruct on how to complete a task with little to no prior knowledge. In short, work instructions are the how-to guides of your operations.



Training Materials

Training materials are closely related to work instructions, with the key difference being that you’ll want to verify that certain knowledge is retained, and that key processes or techniques are up to safety and quality standards. In this sense, data collections and supervisor signoffs are key components of training documentation.



Standard Work

Standard Work is the roadmap for all processes and business functions. Put simply, it is the living record of the best known practices at the time. In fact Taiichi Ohno, the founder of the Toyota Production System, once said, “Without standards, there can be no Kaizen.”


Dozuki Continuous Improvement

About Dozuki

Dozuki is the leading standard work instructions software that helps companies improve their people, processes, and communication. We provide a standardized work instruction template, that allows you to manage changes, collect essential data, and implement improvements. Our goal – to make standard work and industry standard.

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