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Want your people to be better problem solvers? Treat every problem as an opportunity.

Gemba Academy's Steve Kane guides viewers through the basics of adopting and improving Lean processes with your employees in this free Dozuki Workshop Miniseries, "The Lean Journey: Practical Problem Solving by Developing People."

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Steve will teach you critical scientific thinking, lean problem solving methods, the culture of Kaizen, and more.

This series consists of three 30 minute installments, designed to provide you and your employees with professional growth. Learn how to understand problems, implement countermeasures, and collaborate with process owners.

What are you waiting for? It's time to dive in!

Part 1: People vs. Problems

When it comes to problem solving, you need to identify the leader and understand their role. Only then can you attempt to countermeasures using The Scientific Method, PDCA, and A3 Thinking. 

Learn about: 

  • Identifying your leaders
  • Understanding your leaders' role in problem solving
  • The Scientific Method
  • PDCA and A3 Thinking

Part 2: Understand Your Problems

When it comes to problems—there's more than meets the eye. You need to break the problem down to come up with a concise problem statement. Learn the Eight-Step Problem Solving Method to implement countermeasures, determine effectiveness, and standardize improvements. 

Learn about: 

  • Problem Statements: What problem needs solving?
  • The Eight-Step Problem Solving Method

Part 3: Develop People Into Problem Solvers

Problem solving is about people. So it's important to understand The 6 Basic Human Needs. Find out how they're a game changer to your problem solving strategies. Don't miss this miniseries conclusion with a final discussion on leadership characteristics and continuous improvement. 

Learn about: 

  • The Culture of Kaizen
  • The 6 Basic Human Needs
  • Characteristics found in a Kaizen leader

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