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Clear Guides for Complex Procedures

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Who is Improve International?

Founded in 1998, Improve International recognizes that education—even for the most accomplished, professional veterinarians—doesn’t end when graduates pass the boards. It’s a process that should continue throughout any professional’s lifetime. Improve International connects veterinary professionals with the resources and experts they need to make education a lifelong commitment.

Instructions for Veterinary Surgery

Good instructions are extremely important. In the high demand field of veterinary surgery, they can make the difference between life and death. With the help of Dozuki, Improve International is delivering critical directions to vets, whenever and wherever those vets need them.

Improve International’s mission is to deliver the highest quality of continuing professional development possible. The company is a leading provider of training for over 7,500 veterinary practice personnel across Europe. Improve has also made it their mission to provide a flexible training format that meets the diverse needs of vet professionals—wherever in the world they happened to be.

With Dozuki, that’s exactly what they are doing. As an extension to their existing face-to-face training, Improve utilizes Dozuki to create elegant, functional online guides that support veterinary surgeons preparing for surgical procedures. The guides—written by specialists—provide clear, step-by-step overviews of common surgical and investigative procedures. The aim is to make the process transparent, so Improve guides come complete with helpful tips, high-resolution photos, and instructional videos.

Meeting the Industry's Evolving Needs

According to Managing Director of Improve International David Babington, BVetMed MRCVS, Dozuki’s online authoring system makes it a snap to create new how-to surgical guides. In fact, Improve International experts add more and more guides every day, so content can grow to meet the evolving needs of vet professionals.

It’s crucial that vets get the best information no matter where they are—at home, in the office, or in the middle of a critical procedure. The Dozuki platform grants subscribing veterinarians access to Improve guides from any web-connected device, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Because, when the health or life of an animal depends on access to the best information, that information can’t simply be available from 9 to 5.

“Dozuki has enabled Improve to create a really high quality and valuable training aid for vets in practice,” says Babington. “Our guides enable vets to access clear, step by step instructions from their surgeries at any time.”

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