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Dozuki & TWI Institute Announce Strategic Partnership

Dozuki and the TWI Institute are thrilled to announce an exclusive strategic partnership that combines TWI’s industry-leading training methodology and best practices with Dozuki’s market-leading connected worker platform.

With digital training playing a critical role in modern manufacturing operations, companies recognize the need to accelerate the development of their frontline teams to ensure they can attract and retain top talent.

The Dozuki and TWI Institute partnership brings together two trusted organizations that are dedicated to helping manufacturing leaders improve performance by empowering and upskilling frontline teams. Dozuki is the only industry solution that supports the unique TWI Job Instruction program with native software support.

Dozuki is proud to partner with TWI Institute to transform the way organizations develop and support their frontline workforce.

“This partnership is a powerful combination. Dozuki is proud to partner with TWI Institute to transform the way organizations develop and support their frontline workforce,” said Rich Crawford, CEO of Dozuki. “With the skilled labor shortages impacting the industry, our training powers combined will equip more companies to solve their top operational challenges by upskilling their workforce.”

TWI Institute provides a best in class training methodology, and Dozuki provides the best in class connected worker solution that connects the methodology to the frontline in a way that engages today’s workers. Joining forces, these two industry leaders will help leading manufacturers with their frontline digital transformation.

Patrick Graupp, Owner, VP and Senior Master Trainer at TWI Institute said, “The partnership between TWI Institute and Dozuki comes at a crucial moment, as workers across industries are reskilling, upskilling, or entering new fields altogether to meet the high demand for talent. Both TWI and Dozuki provide the ideal framework for scalable continuous improvement.”

By connecting the Dozuki platform with the proven TWI methodology, this collaboration represents a significant advancement in the next chapter of modern manufacturing. Both businesses hope to elevate the collective potential of their solutions working in tandem, and accelerate the growth of the manufacturers who implement them.


About Dozuki

Dozuki makes it easy for manufacturers to capture the knowledge of seasoned workers, empower your workforce with engaging work instructions, and upskill the frontline with their leading connected worker solution. Their team of seasoned manufacturing pros partner with you to create the digital frontline to drive faster, safer, and efficient production.

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About TWI Institute

TWI Institute generates results and value in the workplace, by advancing the skills, contributions and self-respect in the workforce with authentic TWI programs to train people to be more productive and satisfied on the job. The cornerstone programs include Job Instruction, Job Methods, Job Relations and Job Safety. TWI Institute also consults with companies on how to best prepare for TWI and sustain the beneficial effect it has on continuous improvement, productivity and employee engagement.

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