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Over the Shoulder Trainer Assessments

What is the best way to track competence of frontline workers?

Today, thanks to your extensive feedback, we're releasing the solution to that question; solving one of the most common challenges in upskilling today.

With Trainer Assessments you now have a way to evaluate competence "over the shoulder" of your workers, as part of their training in Dozuki.

Here is a brief three minute walkthrough on the Trainer Assessment experience for trainers and trainees in Dozuki:

Key Benefits

Ensure Worker Competency
Now, trainers in Dozuki have the ability to assess the competency of workers directly when it comes to performing specific procedures. You can schedule assessments during onboarding or set them to continuously recur based on a schedule or whenever standards are updated.

Proactively Resolve Knowledge Gaps
As retirement and turnover rates continue to rise, it has become increasingly important to retain skilled workers. By implementing comprehensive cross-training programs that involve frontline workers in various job assignments, and then ensuring their understanding of the training through peer review, we can effectively bridge skill gaps before they arise.

Improve Quality, Compliance, and Safety
Workers who have a limited understanding of their role and the necessary training to excel in their position often contribute to inefficiencies, non-compliance, and an increased risk of safety incidents. This not only affects productivity but also leads to non-conformance during audits and jeopardizes the safety of workers. With the introduction of Trainer Assessments, you now have a reliable method to ensure that workers are fully capable of meeting performance expectations well before they step onto the frontline.

Best Practice

To guarantee a comprehensive evaluation of workers' performance within their roles, it is highly recommended to incorporate a Trainer Assessment in any Course where the training material is specifically designed for real job instruction. This enables direct evaluation of workers while they execute their responsibilities, with a meticulous record of their performance being logged according to the current standard.

Additional Information

Moreover, as we look to the future, the Trainer Assessment will continue to evolve and play an increasingly pivotal role in your Dozuki implementation. We are working on introducing additional features to our Courses that will focus on measuring the individual proficiency of workers and creating a comprehensive inventory of the skills possessed by your entire workforce. This will further enhance your ability to track and evaluate competence effectively.

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