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The Manufacturing Dream Team: In Celebration of Manufacturing Day 2016

As we were plotting our celebration for 2016's Manufacturing Day, the Dozuki team got into a few squabbles about who the 'best manufacturing mind of all time' would be. (Spoiler alert: we couldn't settle on a favorite). 

Rather than continuing to drag this discussion out, we decided to bring the all-stars together and build a manufacturing dream team. 🏀 🌟 🏆 

This is the group of people you would want on your sideline, the team that would win the most championships, and most importantly - the people who had a profound impact on the industry of manufacturing.

Check out our slideshow to see who made the final cut. 

Have opinions on the team or ideas of who you would add to the lineup?

Additions? Omissions? Additional thoughts or musings? We'd love to hear them...