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Routing new documentation for approvals should be easy, every time. But too often, the process becomes unnecessarily disorganized and disrupts productivity. Dozuki’s workflow ties together critical aspects of documentation control, so you can get electronic signatures and publish content—fast.

 document approval workflow

Easy Management

Create, edit, and review all of your company’s Approvals processes in one location: your Management Console. 

  • Easily create Approvals processes that can be assigned to specific documents
  • Give each Approvals process a unique and recognizable name
  • Make edits to an existing Approvals process—they will automatically sync to all documents linked to that Approvals process.

 manage document approvals and permissions


Use Stages to easily organize your Approvals processes. Stages refer to a specific user or a team of users whose electronic signatures are required before a new version of a guide is published.

  • Assign a specific user to a Stage; and assign an unlimited number of users to a team
  • Arrange up to 10 Stages in your preferred order
  • Enable specific users to sign multiple Stages