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Want to improve your documentation process? Looking to adopt visual work instructions? Interested in capturing production data? Need built-in multilingual support for distributed teams? 

Join Dozuki's own Brian Sallee, for this in-depth demo on how manufacturers from all major industries—including many Fortune 500 companies—are using Dozuki's innovative software.

Learn how to:

  • Author content with a helpful visuals
  • Organize your content
  • Implement version control
  • Integrate quality and safety alerts into work instructions
  • Capture process data and track cycle times
  • Allow your users to provide real-time feedback
  • Use our popular features, including multilingual support and access control
  • ...and more
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Before Dozuki, we didn’t have any way to organize work instructions or training documents. Now it’s easy to create, edit, and (most importantly) maintain our docs.
— Casey Graff, Manufacturing Engineer, CountyLine Tool