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How Governments Play a Role in Supporting Manufacturing

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"Train the workforce first, and then introduce new technology. Otherwise that tech will be sitting in a corner with a tarp over it."

Paul Lavoie first fell in love with manufacturing when he worked for Carey, producing catches, latches, and handles for commercial, industrial, and military customers.

Years later, he become the Chief Manufacturing Office of the State of Connecticut, which is the only state to have this role in the executive branch of government.

Paul’s uniquely informative interview gives you a glimpse into our country’s national effort to usher in the next manufacturing renaissance.


01:20 — What role should governments play in manufacturing?

07:48 — How state manufacturers unified their voices to become an economic growth engine

15:02 — Using digital initiatives to transform the entire manufacturing ecosystem

18:33 — Connecting manufacturers with resources & opportunities

21:28 — Marketing the manufacturing industry and promoting the benefits to individuals, the state, and local companies

29:13 — Train workforces first, before introducing new technology

35:11 — State level manufacturing practices other states should be copying

37:17 — Creating an environment that will enable manufacturers to thrive by focusing on developing a local supply chain

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