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A Playbook for Tech Success in Regulated Industries

"When I wake up in the morning to empower an operator and an engineer, and they're using software from four versions ago, then I'm failing them."

A former director and manager of digital training at leading biotech firms Sanofi and Moderna, Chris Policastro shares valuable insights from his experience in the regulated life sciences industry.

The discussion covers topics ranging from navigating FDA regulations for systems validation to establishing internal networks to advocate for innovative solutions supporting frontline operations.

Chris, who successfully implemented Dozuki at both companies, provides unique content addressing the challenges life sciences professionals face in adopting new technology, particularly with concerns about validation.

His practical advice and success stories make this episode essential for individuals in the life sciences industry looking to embrace innovative solutions.

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Written by Dozuki

Founded in 2011, Dozuki has been the leader in connected worker solutions for over a decade. We’ve helped hundreds of companies plan, implement, and scale our frontline digital transformation solution.

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