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Preparing for ISO 9001 Certification with Dozuki

The management teams of CountyLine Tool were working towards one major goal: ISO 9001 certification. But there was an elephant in the room, the company’s entire documentation was housed in printed binders and was becoming impossible to keep up-to-date.

In order to improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and documentation management, they needed to rethink the system. As they moved closer to their ISO 9001 certification deadline, they realized Dozuki was going to be an important element in their success.

ISO 9001 Certification Prep

Laying the groundwork for a successful ISO 9001 certification is no small task. Casey Graf, Manufacturing Engineer and ISO Coordinator was tasked with leading the certification, stating that “consistency is the name of the game when it comes to ISO.” Content authored in Microsoft Word, printed into binders, and distributed to staff by hand wasn’t going to make achieving their ISO 9001 goals easy.

An exhaustive pile of heavy binders and distribution confirmation systems made organization seem impossible. Aside from the distribution of documents, the generic authoring tools meant that work instructions were never in the same format, let alone saved in one central location. When changes had to be made to outdated versions, it could take hours to track down the original to update it.

Graf was looking for a system that allowed CountyLine Tool to have a centralized location for documentation, tracking capabilities, standardized formatting, and easy authoring. “Until we got Dozuki, we didn’t have any way to organize work instructions or training documents. Now, our work instructions easy to create, edit, and—ultimately—maintain.”

Until we picked up Dozuki, we didn't have any way to organize work instructions or training documents. Dozuki makes everything easy to create, edit, and - most importantly - maintain.

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Using Dozuki to Easily Manage and Trace Documents

With the help of Dozuki, CountyLine Tool has improved both the efficiency and effectiveness of their work instructions, setting them up for a successful ISO 9001 certification.

“Dozuki has made it incredibly easy to manage and trace our documents,” says Graf, “and having our work instructions in the same format and in the same location is great.”

Evolving away from endless paper trails and heavy binders to clean, digital documentation has helped CountyLine Tool train new staff and maintain the operational excellence they have valued since day one. Most importantly, thanks in part to Graf’s hard work, their ISO certification dreams became a reality, “I can’t even explain how much Dozuki has helped.”


“Dozuki has made it incredibly easy to manage and trace our documents.”
Casey Graf, ISO Coordinator

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