International Telematics

Standard, scaleable training for field service technicians.


For years, International Telematics relied on PowerPoints to distribute key field service guides to their global network of field service technicians. But the unstructured system was reducing the reliability of their service, and making technicians frustrated by lack of updates.

As they grew their previous system was unable to keep up with service manual updates, key communications, and global distribution. After looking for a solution for years, Marty Trow discovered Dozuki, and their productivity skyrocketed.

Knowledge Management for an International Service Network

As a large, tech-savvy company, International needed a platform for their field service documentation—one that ran smoothly and robustly. Bulletins and PowerPoints weren’t cutting it anymore. They turned to Dozuki.

Marty Trow, Director Operations, explains: “When we were introduced to Dozuki, it just hit everyone—it was absolutely fantastic. We put information on the site, the pictures are crystal clear, and it goes out to all of our installers.”


“With Dozuki, we update information, upload it, hit publish, and boom—it’s sent to the right people. It’s fantastic.”
Marty Trow, Director of Operations

Empowering Field Service Techs and Transforming Company Culture

But it wasn’t just Dozuki’s easy authoring or mark-up tools that served their needs—our software helped change their system from the ground up. “We have technicians whose productivity increased. The guys are more confident.” Marty continues, “Dozuki also saves a lot of time. It has helped stopped our folks from getting interrupted throughout the day. We aren’t on the phone constantly answering repetitive questions—like, ‘How do you this or that?’”

Even more exciting, International’s team realized that Dozuki could be a useful tool for their sales team. Now they can show potential clients their range of impressive services. “Our guys take Dozuki with them for sales. They show customers how they are going to do the roll out and what sort of information they are going to give the technicians who are doing the work. By showing them Dozuki, the clients can see evidence of our professionalism. It’s another talking point for selling.”

Marty smiles and concludes, “I’ve been in this field for nearly 20 years—and I wish Dozuki had been around a long, long time ago."


“The productivity of our technicians has increased, the guys are more confident.”
Marty Trow, Director of Operations

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