MBX Systems

Reducing quality issues and costs with Dozuki.

For years, MBX Systems used the generic PmWiki system to create work instructions. But the unstructured nature of the system was creating numerous time and quality issues.

With growth in collaboration with third party and on-site providers, their system wasn’t scalable or secure enough to meet their needs. Dozuki provided the solution they needed.

Old Wiki Systems Can’t Control Standards Well

As the company began to outgrow it’s wiki-based system with the introduction of third-party providers, the MBX Systems team needed to find a secure way to share information without compromising quality. Just Formella, Chief Information Officer, was searching for a solution that would allow administrators to specify who could and couldn’t access specific documents. “Everything was open to everyone internally,” says Formella, “but we couldn’t share anything outside of the company.”

Aside from creating better access protocols, MBX Systems needed a framework that also provided better structure, since so much time was being spent on creating inconsistent documentation. Expanding their third-party on-site providers required better standardization — ensuring their customers received a high level of service, every time.

Formella and the MBX Systems team realized the roadblocks their “clunky and cumbersome” wiki system created. Their ideal system included a way to consistently display information and provide secure access to third-party providers. “The consistency of documentation in Dozuki forced our users to break up information into smaller, more digestible parts. Plus the editing interface was a big time saver for us, a major improvement over the old wiki system.”


“The Dozuki framework helped us drive better quality standards.”
Justin Formella, Chief Information Officer


Secure, Controlled Documentation

Since migrating to Dozuki, MBX Systems has benefited from the balance of customization and structure. New third-party on-site service providers are able to securely access the standardized set of docs to provide customers with reliable support. “We saw defects reduced because of clarity of the new documentation.” says Formella, “Dozuki helped us drive better quality standards.”

The old wiki system has been replaced with Dozuki documents and further customized using the flexible API. Now, MBX can confidently share concise, digestible internal processes with its staff—and be certain that they are sharing the right documentation with specific clients.

With better standardization in place, providing consistent customer service is much easier, and valuable time is saved by not having to create in outdated wiki formats.

Most importantly, Formella cited the new standards as a boon to the quality and professionalism MBX Systems provides. “We’ve seen our defects reduced because of clarity of the new documentation. Plus, breaking up the steps into nice and clean segments, including markdowns, helps keep our site clean and professional.”


"We’ve seen our defects reduced with the clarity of our new Dozuki documentation.”
Justin Formella, Chief Information Officer

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