Host your Dozuki instance on your own internal servers.


OnPrem allows you to host your Dozuki instance on your local servers, giving you full control over any security and update protocols you need to follow. Leveraging your own hardware also allows you to run Dozuki air gapped without an internet connection.


Dozens of companies are using OnPrem to meet strict regulatory guidelines (FDA, ITAR, etc.), follow internal IT policies, and more. As a U.S.-based company, Dozuki OnPrem deployments are designed to meet various ITAR and FDA compliance standards.


Realize the benefits of our feature suite, and more with Dozuki OnPrem.

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Dozuki can help you meet strict ITAR and FDA regulations, get a demo today.

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For Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


With dozens of companies using Dozuki OnPrem to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, your teams can feel confident in deploying a tested and proven technology.


OnPrem gives QA teams the ability to test and validate changes before deploying updates, ensuring product and production teams will not be impacted, and keeping your organization in compliance.

For Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

For Aerospace and Defense


In a heavily regulated industry, OnPrem ensures that USML linked goods or service companies are within the strict ITAR compliance. Join the list of growing companies who are deploying Dozuki OnPrem to meet ITAR guidelines and deploy approved standards across their operations.


With OnPrem utilizing your company’s local servers, regulators are ensured that only authorized individuals can access controlled data, guaranteeing that you control sensitive encryption keys. These strict controls also give you the ability to regulate individual access rights within your server architecture.

For Aerospace and Defense
Dozuki Cloud Dozuki OnPrem
Version Control and Approval Workflows
ISO 9001:2015 Compliance
API Integrations
LDAP Support
Full Control of Software Updates
Meets FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Regulations
Meets ITAR Export Control Regulations

Extensive Support and Training

  • Unlimited remote virtual training sessions
  • Unlimited phone & email support
  • 24-hour priority phone support available
  • On-site training, coaching and consultation available


How is Dozuki OnPrem delivered?

Dozuki OnPrem is delivered via secure digital download to be installed on a virtual appliance.

How are updates delivered?

Updates are delivered via secure digital download, it’s as easy as the click of a button.

Does Dozuki OnPrem include LDAP support?

Yes, this is built-in.

I am already a Dozuki Cloud customer, can I switch to a Dozuki OnPrem account?

Yes, contact us to learn more.

Is Dozuki a US-based company?


How is my data stored?

Once the Dozuki OnPrem VM is installed, all data from the image will be stored on the host server. Customers are responsible for backup and restoration processes.

How are updates received?

Download updates at your leisure and install them during a time that works best for your teams. We recommend installing and testing on a development server before full deployment. Offline updates are available by request.

How do I install Dozuki OnPrem?

We architected the Dozuki OnPrem VM specifically to allow easy deployment that supports various hardware configurations. The installation process is similar to other locally hosted software.

  1. Obtain the Dozuki OnPrem VM files via one of the supported delivery methods (secure download link or USB drive that will be physically delivered to your preferred destination).
  2. Create a new host and attach VM files to it.
  3. Start the host to begin configuring settings (including SMTP servers and LDAP) via an application control panel specific to Dozuki OnPrem.
What are the minimum hardware requirements?

To successfully host and run Dozuki OnPrem on a local server or machine, a virtual hypervisor is required.

  • Processor: Four 3.0 GHz CPU cores (or virtual equivalent)
  • Memory: 8 GB (dependent on selected platform)
  • Storage: 1 TB available storage