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Dozuki has spent over a decade helping leading manufacturers develop and scale connected worker solutions. This ebook is designed for operational teams seeking to improve their productivity.

Manufacturing is at a Crossroads

Numerous outside forces have converged to bring us to this critical moment in manufacturing history. In the past few years there has been a confluence of economic, cultural, and financial factors at work.

Everyone is starting from behind.

And yet, manufacturers can’t solve this problem by throwing more technology at it.

Slapping an AR headset on every frontline worker isn’t the answer.

Right now, it’s about layering familiar technology and digital solutions on top of the manufacturing organization.

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Inside this ebook, you'll master these topics:

  • Embracing the Future of Process Improvement
  • Revolutionizing Data Analytics in Manufacturing
  • The Pitfalls and Promises of Adopting Digital Transformation
  • Why Technology Enables Operational Resilience
  • ...and more

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Since 2011, Dozuki has helped over 600 leading global manufacturers unlock the full potential of their workforce and drive productivity gains.