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Better Training: External Courses

Training is not a one and done exercise. 

Manufacturers must make continuous improvement sustainable.

Here at Dozuki, Courses continues to be one of our most widely adopted features for companies looking to eliminate job shadowing, track recurring training records, and automate the continuous upskilling of workers to their latest standards.   

To further extend the value of Courses beyond procedure-training, we are excited to introduce a way for you to now import training content, in SCORM format, from your external systems.

Whether you have an LMS that your HR department uses for policy-training, or an off the shelf library housing all of your OSHA videos, you can now bring the training content from your other systems and departments into Dozuki with External Courses. 

Here is a brief 3 minute overview on what you can expect with External Courses:

Key Benefits

Consolidated Training
No more logging into multiple systems just to complete onboarding. By bringing content from your other systems into Dozuki, you can simplify the experience of your frontline workers, giving them the ability to complete all of your in-house training from a single system. 

Expanded Content Library
With the vast array of SCORM-compliant content likely already available in the other systems different departments of your organization use, you can rapidly extend your training library. All of your pre-built courses and educational materials can enrich your Dozuki Courses implementation instantly.

Seamless Training Import
The SCORM format streamlines the process of importing existing training content into Dozuki Courses. SCORM supports everything from training videos, to quizzes, and verifications that can all be easily imported without having to re-create or author content over again.

Compliance, Safety, and Security
Historically Courses has helped you meet training demands by supporting the tracking of training records for compliance reasons, while also providing your workers with the detailed knowledge for completing even the most arduous procedures.

Now with native SCORM support, you're able to bring content into Dozuki that satisfies every need under your corporate training umbrella -- and it doesn't have to be procedure based. Time-off, discrimination, legalese; any and every training assignment is fair game; bring it all into Dozuki.

Learn more in our Product Roadmap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I enable External Courses in Dozuki?

External Courses is currently an Early Access feature. To get this feature enabled on your Dozuki site, please reach out directly to your Customer Success Representative, or submit a support ticket here.

Q: How do I import external training content into Dozuki?

Most eLearning systems and third party content libraries (ex. Vector, HSI, etc) are able to export their training content (videos, quizzes, etc.) into SCORM format. This provides you with a zip file containing the training content, which you can then bring into Dozuki via the External Content section.

  • Video overview here.
  • Help guidance here.

Q: How do I add a training course from the External Content section, to a Dozuki Course?

Any SCORM file that you upload as External Content, can be  included in Dozuki as a Course Stage.

  • Video overview here.
  • Help guidance here.
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