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Translation Glossary: Brand New Interface

For Dozuki customers with multi-language sites, we've released a major upgrade to the Translation Glossary. Your ability to control a glossary of translations at a granular level is now managed exclusively within Dozuki.

An Entirely New Interface

Translation Glossary Interface

This new interface provides a simplified and intuitive way for your entire team to contribute to the Translation Glossary without having to exit Dozuki.

Previously, to manage your translation glossary a separate Google Sheet of translations was involved.  With this update, you can maintain your translation glossary entirely within Dozuki. External spreadsheets are no longer needed for precise translation control.

Locating the New Translation Glossary:

You can access the new Translation Glossary management tool via:
Manage > Configuration > Translation Glossary


What is the Translation Glossary?

For those of you who are not using multi-language features but are curious, the Translation Glossary gives you a way to control translation of certain words exclusive of our machine translation system. 

Will my old translations continue to work?


What happens to my old Translation Glossary?

All existing translations will be migrated into this new tool, there is no action for you to take.

Will there be any interruption in translations with this change?

No. Your translations will be migrated to the new interface without any noticeable change to your end-users.

Technical Information

To learn more about the multi-language features in Dozuki and the Translation Glossary, please review our Help Documentation:


Coming Soon

Private Cloud Deployment

We've been hard at work creating a new, modern deployment option in the Cloud. Enterprise customers who privately manage cloud software solutions can soon use Dozuki in their own Private Cloud, either in their own accounts or managed by Dozuki. 

Other Questions?

If you have any feedback or need further information, please post your question into our support forum help.dozuki.com/Answers or email support@dozuki.com where one of our experts can assist.


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Written by Lucas Bishop

With a passion for all things manufacturing, Lucas is a research fanatic that focuses on expanding the digital footprint of Dozuki and providing valuable industry insights.

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