Lean Journey with Gemba Academy

Treat every problem as an opportunity. Gemba Academy’s Director of Customer Success Steve Kane guides viewers through this free three-part video series on how to understand problems, implement countermeasures, and collaborate with process owners

Part 1: People vs. Problems

When it comes to problem solving, you need to identify the leader and understand their role, only then can you attempt to implement countermeasures.

  • Understanding your leaders role in problem solving
  • The scientific method
  • PDCA and A3 thinking

Part 2: Understand Your Problems

Breaking problems down into concise problem statements help make them more manageable. Learn the eight-step problem solving method to implement countermeasures, determine effectiveness, and standardize improvements.

  • Problem statements: What is the problem you need to solve?
  • The 8-step problem solving method

Part 3: Developing People Into Problem Solvers

Problem solving is about people, find out how they’re a game changer to your problem solving strategies. Discussions on leadership characteristics and continuous improvement.

  • The culture of Kaizen
  • The 6 basic human needs
  • What makes a successful a Kaizen leader