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Dozuki How-to: User Management

Join Matt Junk, Customer Success Manager, for an in-depth look at how to manage users across your Dozuki site. Matt will demonstrate how site admins can streamline employee training by grouping users based on departments, roles, or shifts. Properly leveraging these tools will allow for faster training and improved information control.

Learn about:

  • Enabling vs. disabling users
  • Inviting and onboarding new users
  • The various benefits of using Teams in Dozuki
  • ...and more

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Matt Junk

Customer Success Manager, Dozuki

Matt collaborates with customers to solve problems created by outdated documentation and training gaps. Combined with his in-depth product knowledge, Matt draws on his experience as a Lean Specialist in the manufacturing industry. He specializes in process improvement, 5S initiatives, standardized work, and leading Kaizen events.