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People-First Training Programs

Shaun Browne, President of the Digital Mentor Group, teaches a crash course in people-first training program design.


“People-first” means focusing on a specific audience and creating instructions that demonstrate we understand what they need to be successful. Browne walks viewers through building competent, capable employees and covers a variety of practical exercises that you can implement at your company today.


View this on-demand webinar to learn how-to:

  • Define your standards of employee performance, including the skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed to do a good job
  • Determine the sequence of training—to minimize risk and maximize productivity
  • Create training materials that will lead to competence
  • ...and more

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Shaun Browne

President, Digital Mentor Group and Founder of OnTheJobTraining.com

By developing innovative job skill training systems, designed for front line employees, Shaun’s client’s increase operator competence, organizational capability, and gain profitable results. His systems build operational training that’s better, more engaging, safer, cost-effective and efficient production training. Rather than more traditional ‘consultant’ approaches, his systems add value immediately.