Solutions for the Shifting Industrial Workforce with 3M

An in-depth conversation with Michael Muilenburg, Manager of Operational Technology & Strategic Planning at 3M.

A shifting industrial workforce is creating an existential threat for industrial enterprises – the downstream effects of retiring workers and shorter job tenures are highly disruptive. Digital solutions exist to help solve this problem, by plugging gaps and capturing tribal knowledge before it's lost for good, and the skills gap widens even further.

The Agenda:

  • What is does a “shifting workforce” mean?
  • What downstream problems are created by retirements and shortened job tenures?
    • Loss of expert knowledge
    • Forced to train more new people
  • Why is it so important to capture tribal knowledge?
    • How it impacts critical supply chains amidst COVID-19?
    • How it prevents rapid training of new employees? 
  • How 3M is adapting, both in the long-term and amidst COVID-19 demand
    • Standardizing information
    • Evaluating training programs
    • Focusing on key analytics

Featured Speakers

Brian Sallee

Co-Founder & VP of Sales, Dozuki

Brian is an expert in the fields of standard work and process improvement software. He has worked with hundreds of companies to help them improve their procedures, train employees to standards, gather and analyze data, and employ continuous improvement principles.

Michael Muilenburg

Operational Technology & Strategic Planning, 3M

With over 34 years of experience at 3M, Michael manages the high performing Operational Technology (continuous improvement) team supporting $XB in SVOP produced in 13 locations worldwide. His specialty is researching and piloting cutting edge operational technologies to drive improvements in stability, capability, availability, flow, and pull.