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Feature Spotlight: Prerequisite Guides


Lean Document Creation & Revision

At Dozuki we view creating work instructions like any other manufacturing procedure, implementing lean principles throughout the authoring process. Certain publishing tools create repetitive tasks, so we created a solution that reduces repetition, saves time, and increases standardization. Introducing: prerequisites in Dozuki.



Prerequisites Save Time


Our prerequisite feature allows you to reduce publishing time by easily copying and updating related procedures throughout various instructions. Not only does this save time and money, it also improves quality control by standardizing common processes across relevant documents.


Paper Assumes Independence


Traditionally, paper-based documentation treats work instructions as if all SOPs are independent processes, sharing no similarities with their counterparts.


Keeping work instructions confined to paper isolates them and creates an inefficient framework for releasing new versions.


Each procedure is isolated, even though they share many similar process blocks.

Modular Content

The prerequisite feature in Dozuki allows you to treat common procedures as modular building blocks. These modules can now be easily standardized and efficiently updated across all related documents.
Once a prerequisite procedure is created, it can be seamlessly inserted into the beginning of any SOP or work sequence. This also allows managers to distribute operator workload evenly, making line balancing a simple task.

Commonly used procedures are now treated as independent, modular entities.

Eliminate Waste in Your Revision Process


Commonly used procedures, are used throughout a variety of instructions. Changes to a single safety procedure can result in required updates for hundreds of documents. In contrast, the Dozuki prerequisite feature simplifies the revision process into three easy steps: edit, approve, and release.

Updating a commonly used procedure can affect multiple work sequences, creating repetitive work (left). Using prerequisites, relevant documents are updated instantly (right).

The Benefits of Using Prerequisites:


  • Guarantee standardization across common procedures.


  • Reduce waste in the document revision process.


  • Insert prerequisite guides into new work instructions by importing guide text, images, and bill of materials.



Prerequisite Guides in Action


  • Edit a prerequisite guide and receive alerts that updates will be reflected across all linked guides.


  • View a list of guides that are using the prerequisite and navigate to each procedure.


For those who are always looking to increase efficiency, digital tools like prerequisites is a natural progression. Learn even more tricks to making highly efficient documentation with our free guide:


Corey Brown

With a background in technical writing and engineering, Corey leads Dozuki's content and research efforts; helping provide helpful information and industry insights.