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How to Build a Thriving Machine Shop

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“We make the components that make the magic happen. Everything else is just a sculpture.”

That’s the economic value of precision manufacturing. 

All those machined parts that give our most cherished items function and beauty, they’re made by human beings who have the cognitive ability, talent and judgment to produce things that improve our quality of life.

Miles Free wears many hats as Director of Industry Affairs at the Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA). His role is keeping companies globally competitive through the use of best available information and technology on opportunities. Utilizing his thirty plus years of laboratory, quality assurance, management, and steel making experience, he champions manufacturers who want to optimize their operations.

We sat down with Miles and were inspired by his passion, expertise, and of course, quotable pieces of industry insight on building a thriving machine shop.

Show notes below!

02:17 — What is the Precision Machine Products Association? 
09:44 — What is needed to fuel and support the reshoring efforts?
16:09 — Building a pipeline of skilled frontline workers 
22:15 — Career growth paths start with conversations with parents
27:01 — Where the industry is heading with generational shifts
33:34 — How small companies can get out of the firefighting trap
38:12 — Optimism about the future of the machining industry


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