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How to Hold a Rattlesnake Hunt at Your Factory

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“The experts are the people that do it every.”

Mark “Southern Sensei” Preston has been driving change in manufacturing and front office environments for over thirty years using continuous improvement.

He’s seen firsthand that workers with the best ideas on the frontline make the most difference in world class companies.

But how do you engage those employees?

Simple. By solving problems that can come up and bite you, aka, rattlesnakes.

Mark talks about holding rattlesnake hunts at the factory as a exercise for empowering safety, efficiency and engagement.

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01:45 — Where expertise comes from in world class companies

03:02 — Lean is an acronym for “living, engaged, attitude, now”

09:51 — Holding a successful rattlesnake hunt to reinforce safety, efficiency & engagement

14:23 — How does company culture change after you’ve killed 6,000 rattlesnakes?

18:57 — Preventing yourself from getting bitten by snakes

26:22 — How leaders and directors can send a vision of quality to the frontlines

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Written by Dozuki

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