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How a Small Machine Shop Became a Top 20 Supplier to NASA


“Be careful with that silicon wafer. It's worth more than your house.”

Rodney Babcock, President of Next Intent, learned this lesson as the quality assurance manager servicing the likes of IBM and other semiconductor behemoths.

From his humble beginnings as a machinist programming a lathe to managing supply chain production to become an entrepreneur and leader in the aerospace industry, Rodney has a wealth of experience as both a manufacturing operator and manager.

Tune in as we explore a variety of topics related to Next Intent’s expertise with low volume / high precision manufacturing. It’s high stakes and high reward!


03:22 — How the motto became, “We design and build really cool stuff”
09:01 — What led the company to become a top supplier for NASA
14:48 — Why the paperwork have to weigh more than the part?
24:11 — Getting rid of blame and ensuring the company owns the process
29:53 — Fighting entropy and complacency on the factory floor
36:20 — A modern philosophy on audits and certifications
44:19 — The different ends of the supplier spectrum

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