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Navigating Industry 4.0: Insights from a Manufacturing Innovator

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"We literally have to create the talent if we can't find it."

These inspiring words (and more!) come from our Season 2 kickoff conversation with LaRuthie Mason, who works at the manufacturing company Shaw Industries.

The hosts discuss the use of AI tools and the acceleration of Industry 4.0, and how it's important to train people on these technologies.

LaRuthie shares insights into the challenges and opportunities in the manufacturing industry and emphasizes the importance of treating employees as partners in building a successful business.

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Written by Scott Ginsberg

Scott is the Content Marketing Manager at Dozuki. He’s spent 20+ years writing books about wearing nametags, conducting corporate training seminars on approachability, and leading knowledge management programs at tech startups. Text him right now at 314.374.3397 with your favorite emoji.

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