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Skillsets + Mindsets = Frontline Employee Engagement

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"I need to know I'm spending my time solving problems, not finding them."

Wise words from Jonathan Keiper at MPP Innovation, who talks about the significance of engaging the whole person, the value of vulnerability in leadership, and the effectiveness of daily management systems.

In this episode, gain practical tips on improving employee engagement and creating a collaborative work environment. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of employee engagement in the manufacturing industry and cultivate a motivated and valued workforce. 

Show notes below!

01:16 - "We worked hard. I won't say we ever perfected it, but we were always seeking to make that an effective gathering of the minds, sharing information, having conversations, talking about safety."

08:33 - "I'm building the most beautiful structure I could ever build so that years from now, when I'm long gone, that generations, you know, ahead of me will be able to enjoy this amazing place to worship and have a sense of awe and wonder as they approach life."

10:57 - "I need to know I'm spending my time solving problems, not finding them."

14:07 - "Think how much pride you would have at the dinner table saying, you know, my work literally saves lives!"

18:26 - "Once people know their purpose. They can't turn from it. They can't look away. They must pursue it."

21:37 - "It didn't matter whether what you believe, if it's true enough to you and it motivated you to act in a certain way."

38:30 - "It's all about the people and if you engage people and we think about them first, the results will flow from that."

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