Connected Worker Case Study

Digitizing Processes Saves Thousands Per Hour

Fortune 100 Construction Equipment Company

The Customer

For almost 100 years this company has been one of the leading manufacturers of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.

Through its subsidiaries and dealers, they market and sell their products around the world as one of the leaders in the equipment manufacturing space. To achieve its strategic goal, the company needed to digitize and share standardized processes with operators to minimize waste and control machine setups and changeovers.

So far, they have fully deployed Dozuki at several of their manufacturing and machining areas. This case study will highlight the challenges faced, its application of Dozuki, and the results.

The Challenge

In the limited number of existing documentation, frontline workers found it difficult to share their feedback in order to improve operations. Previously, they were using Excel to create and store process information, many of which contained upwards of fifty pages of information to read and retain.

By using Excel, they also lacked the ability to gather and implement frontline feedback, missing out on invaluable insights into how operations can be improved along the way–tribal knowledge was the norm.

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The initial goal was to correct inconsistencies in production and prevent rework. Job shadowing as a primary training method was leading to competency gaps between employees. Another significant factor was safety. With the high potential for injury on the frontline of their foundries, the customer needed a solution to ensure with absolute certainty, so all employees had a clear understanding of safety protocol and best practices.

In bringing in new automation technology into the facilities, this company needed to ensure standards were properly distributed to frontline operators to better maintain, support, and utilize new hardware.

Without Dozuki, the investment in automation would have led to significant downtime because there would have been no way to train frontline operators without production stoppage.

One Training Specialist summarized their need for a connected worker solution when he commented, “It’s not really the cost of training. It’s the cost of the mistakes workers make when they’re not properly trained.”


One of the beauties of using Dozuki is that even a brand new person can join and get trained on a process. On day one they have the ability to comment and provide suggestions for improvement. That's a behavior we want to coach. We want every employee to be in the improvement game.

Michael Muilenburg Head of Operational Technology, 3M

The Solution

Employees were losing their jobs because they weren’t doing the work effectively based on the Excel documentation. When we installed Dozuki, we could spend more time training through video that helped them do the work at the proper rate.

Dozuki was privately piloted at one facility. Once results were seen, that facility became a lighthouse for rollout at other facilities.

The customer lacked documentation on key processes. With Dozuki, they were able to leverage our digital transformation services to rapidly create, digitize, and deploy standards in a format that all employees could easily understand.

How Has Dozuki Changed How You Access Process Documentation?

The manufacturer also lacked restrictions on who could access the documentation, which led to duplication, accidental deletion, and extra document handling. This was a lengthy process where updates to standards took weeks for approval, often getting physically lost in the process. Even upon completion, documents were rarely utilized on the floor. Workers generally were not comfortable navigating network drives and spreadsheets were widely panned as confusing.

With Dozuki, Operators could access content directly from the floor with a QR code scan, even in the extreme environment of the forge. Ensuring the right content is in front of the operators at any given time was critical to reducing mistakes and quality issues.

The project champion remarked that moving forward with Dozuki was the easy choice, as Dozuki
was starting to be recognized as the standard within the organization. When he transferred to a new facility, implementing Dozuki was one of his first initiatives. They skipped the pilot and went right into implementation.

Employees were losing their jobs because they weren’t doing the work effectively. When we installed Dozuki, we could spend more time training through video that helped them do the work at the proper rate.

Training Specialist Fortune 100 Construction Equipment Company
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The Results

Dozuki helped the customer implement an Autonomous Maintenance Checklist (AMC). The previous process included a checklist being pencil-whipped by five employees on the line, which caused 2-8 hours of machine downtime every other day (3 times per week).After the implementation of the new AMC, the lines were immediately running smoothly and safely for over three weeks straight with no downtime.


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Dozuki empowers and optimizes frontline teams with expert knowledge delivered through simple, accessible, and engaging training programs. We help you achieve frontline digital transformation with our proven and scalable Dozuki Process framework. 

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