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Improving Processes and Saving Money with Dozuki

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Johnsonville makes a lot of sausages and believes in supplying its members with the best tools to do their best work.

At a large volume, minor deviations from the standard work can be costly. If a machine is set up incorrectly or a food safety mistake causes contamination, it can mean many pounds of meat must be scrapped in order to maintain a quality product.

A portion of these waste costs are caused by operator error. Standardized work instructions in Dozuki helped them to improve internal processes, which Johnsonville projects will provide considerable annual cost savings.

Reducing quality costs to achieve significant annual savings

Poor Access Systems Meant Standard Work Wasn't Used

Johnsonville had been using a legacy document management system that made it difficult for operators to access standard work instructions and conducting a search was a lengthy process. The operator needed to pause their work, walk to the end of a production line, log in to the computer, and then dig for the right files.


“There were months when new members saw little to no standard work documentation during onboarding.”

Taylor Harlin, Learning & Development Change Coach

Work Instructions for Food and Beverage from Dozuki

Accessible Documentation Workers Can Count On

Taylor and his team knew that in order to reduce costs and improve internal processes, they required a solution that would improve document management and control, while increasing accessibility and ease of use for the Johnsonville operators.

Dozuki was the clear solution for Johnsonville because the intuitive interface reduced the authoring time and streamlined revision processes with custom approval workflows. Above all else, it enabled operators to easily use and be trained to documented standards.

There are many operators who now author the standard work documents thanks to the custom-approval flows that Dozuki offers.

By using Dozuki to standardize work and improve processes, Johnsonville was able to reduce costs and achieve significant annual savings.

These benefits provided Johnsonville with justification to expand their use of Dozuki and equip members with the proper technology to support future digital transformation projects.


"Dozuki allowed operators to relieve some of their anxiety where they wonder 'Am I doing my job correctly?' 'Did I remember to do everything?' This motivated members to adopt Dozuki because they can now rely on the processes rather than tribal knowledge."

Taylor Harlin, Learning & Development Change Coach

Work Instructions for Food and Beverage from Dozuki

Building Trust in Standards to Reduce Quality Costs

For any employer, mistakes carry not only a financial burden, but can also be an ethical one as well. Wasting animal products isn’t taken lightly at Johnsonville so if meat is scrapped for any reason and not used for sausage, this weighs heavily among operators.

After transitioning to work instructions in Dozuki, operators were able to develop trust in their internal process documentation. Morale improved and waste was reduced by allowing members to rely on the standards, as opposed to informal knowledge sharing.

Migrating away from their legacy documentation tool meant that operators could now access work instruction via tablets or from their equipment on the factory floor. This revolutionized the way standard work was done at Johnsonville.

Operators now feel confident in their ability to find the information needed and Dozuki allowed them to follow standardized procedures without disrupting workflows.


“Dozuki has been a game changer for us.”

Taylor Harlin, Learning & Development Change Coach

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