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Approvals & Signoffs with Single Sign-On

We have released a significant update to benefit those who leverage Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML 2.0 for authenticating employees in Dozuki.

You can now use SSO for completing Step Signoffs and Approvals in Dozuki.


Prior to this update SSO enabled accounts needed their users to manage a separate Dozuki password in order to complete Signoffs or Approvals.

Following this update, a separate Dozuki password is no longer necessary. The same SSO credentials employees use to login to Dozuki, can be used for Signoffs and Approvals.


Within Dozuki you can enable this feature in Manage, under SSO auth for signoffs & approvals:

SS Auth for signoffs and approvals

This feature does have the ability to change workflows and could require changes to your SSO configuration. We recommend contacting your Customer Success Manager to discuss further.


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Written by Lucas Bishop

With a passion for all things manufacturing, Lucas is a research fanatic that focuses on expanding the digital footprint of Dozuki and providing valuable industry insights.

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