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Step Timing For Process Optimization

Time is money in manufacturing.

Guesswork doesn't work when it comes to process documentation.

But what if you could better track the amount of time spent on each step of your procedures?

And what if the data from individual step timing could help you identify opportunities to optimize processes better?

Historically, authors of Dozuki Guides have had the ability to specify the "Time Required" to complete an entire procedure. This would provide authors with insight as to how long it should take to execute all of the work in a Guide.

With Data Capture enabled, Operator View would subsequently track the total time spent completing a work order against a Guide and provide the duration as a single column in your Timing and Data Capture Report.

Now, with this week's release, we're providing a significant upgrade to time estimation and tracking functionality -- you can now specify estimated time for completion per step.

Now when you create (or edit) a Guide, you will see the ability to "Enable per step timing" under the Details section:


Once enabled, you can specify the amount of time expected to complete each step, in the Guide Steps interface:


The Time Estimate you define across all steps will be summed in the Time Required summary for the Guide.

Operator View will track and countdown the time spent for each step compared to the estimate you've defined:


Once a work order has been completed, the "Work Order Summary" page will provide the step 1 time estimate and actual time to complete. The time spent to complete each step will also be included in your "Timing and Data Capture" report, with a single column for each step appended to the end of your csv file.

Thanks to this new feature, your time estimation and tracking will be leaner and cleaner. Not only will you ensure process waste stays low, but you'll unlock new optimizations with each effort.

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Written by Lucas Bishop

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