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Approvals for Wikis: Participate in our Beta

When we've surveyed you on Dozuki features you'd like us to build in the future, one of the most frequent responses has been:

"We want a way to put our Wikis through an Approval Process."

Quite simply, the convergence of two of our most popular features.

To that end, behind the scenes we've been working on this functionality. Once released, you'll be able to push the content of Wiki Pages through the same system of Approvals that governs your Guide pages.

We are currently in a beta testing phase of Approvals for Wikis and are able to support early access for any sites that want to be beta testing participants. If you are interested in participating in this beta, please reach out directly to your Customer Success Representative for more information.



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Written by Lucas Bishop

With a passion for all things manufacturing, Lucas is a research fanatic that focuses on expanding the digital footprint of Dozuki and providing valuable industry insights.

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