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As a Dozuki Co-Founder, Brian works with companies to better standardize and train their frontline workforce. He focuses on helping global enterprises use our platform in new and innovative ways.


A New Model For Manufacturing Hiring

14 min read

Constraint, Currency & Clarity What invention had the most profound impact on manufacturing hiring?

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How to Tackle Hiring By Recruiting Student Athletes To Man The Line

36 min read

Factories are fighting to fill open roles.

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How To Accelerate Frontline Learning With TWI

38 min read

Frontline supervisors are not educated as teachers or coaches. The good news is, they can learn that skill.  Most training programs focus on training operators, and we have...

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Frontline Digital Transformation

How To Hire the Best Employees for Manufacturing

26 min read

Employees are the backbone of any company. Nowhere is this more true than the manufacturing industry.

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Solving Modern Workforce Challenges in Food & Beverage Manufacturing

2 min read

In the midst of unprecedented market demands and supply chain issues, the most innovative food & beverage manufacturers are finding new, creative ways to support an efficient...

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How to Effectively Train New Employees at Factories

33 min read

In the manufacturing industry, effectively training new and current employees is the backbone of production.

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Success Stories

Insights from the Field: Can Tribal Knowledge Actually Work?

3 min read

Recently, I had a chance to visit one of our larger manufacturing clients. Of the many insights gained on that trip, one stood above the rest — tribal knowledge used to...

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How to Reduce Tribal Knowledge and Downtime with Dozuki Answers

6 min read

The conveyor belt on line one stopped running and production came to a halt. It was the second time in a week that this happened. The maintenance team and engineers spend the...

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Hidden Waste: The Unseen Inefficiency in Shop Travelers

4 min read

Travelers and build books are intimately related, however, with traditional methods they often function independently.

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