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Eric is the Co-Founder & former CEO of Dozuki. He leads company efforts to provide a world-class product experience for all of our customers' needs.

Continuous Improvement

Firefighting In Manufacturing

12 min read

Why It Happens, What It Costs, and How To Stop It Firefighting is a burning issue in manufacturing. Not only are facilities dealing with safety measures like flammable...

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Best Practices of Food Manufacturing Hygiene Standards

30 min read

Food manufacturing companies have a responsibility to their customers to maintain high-quality control measures and hygiene standards. These practices are necessary to ensure...

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Continuous Improvement

How To Increase Productivity in Manufacturing

19 min read

There are several ways to define productivity depending on the context. In terms of manufacturing, productivity relates to the speed at which quality work is performed....

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7 Best Practices in Manufacturing Training for Employees

15 min read

Training employees is a surefire way to improve productivity and efficiency within manufacturing. As the company grows and expands, its employees must also grow with it,...

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Industry News

Practical COVID-19 Tips for Manufacturing

5 min read

We are hearing a lot of great advice from our audience and customers about how to keep manufacturing and industrial operations running smoothly in the midst of a global...

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Continuous Improvement

Manage Workforce Training with Dozuki Courses

4 min read

At Dozuki, we’ve made it our mission to make Standard Work an industry standard. We envision documented standards and worker knowledge continuously improving alongside one...

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