Patrick Graupp

Patrick Graupp

Patrick began his training career at the SANYO Electric Corporate Training Center in Japan after graduating with Highest Honors from Drexel University in 1980. There he learned to deliver TWI and other Lean based methodologies. Patrick earned an MBA from Boston University while heading SANYO’s global training effort. Patrick later conducted TWI pilot projects in Syracuse, NY in 2001 that laid the foundation for the TWI Institute which has since trained a rapidly expanding global network of over 1,100 certified trainers who are now delivering TWI training in the manufacturing, healthcare, construction, energy, and service industries around the globe.

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What McDonald’s Can Teach Us About Training

By Patrick Graupp

Many years ago while managing the final inspection, packaging and shipping areas of a production plant, I was looking for a person to promote to line leader. I was having a difficult time finding a candidate well suited for the role.

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